A few words about how does it work

What we practically do is pretty simple but in the same time incredibly complex

Pick More Losers

Lay Betting is all about finding losers – those horses who are over-rated.

We use our own ratings (you can check out ratethat.horse if you like) to rate every horse in every race, and every day – we have lay selections. That’s why we created Lay That Horse – a simple service that takes the lay selections from RateThatHorse and gives you them for just £1 a month.

  • A free “lay of the day”, every day
  • At least 1 lay a day, every day
  • Computerised selections based on ratings
  • Just £1 a month

We use our ratings to find horses that are over-rated by the market. Our ratings are split up into different types – form (last race), 2nd last race, speed, jockey, trainer, stallion and suitability – and we put everything into the mix to find our lay selections.

That means that we can grade our selections and provide feedback for you on why they’ve been selected. If a horse is running in a 5f race and its speed rating is lower than the other horses – AND it is the forecast favourite – we’ll pick it out for you.

If a highly rated horse fails in other ratings, we’ll let you know but we’ll advise caution.

At £1 a month, Lay That Horse is a great way to find losers every day.

Why £1 a month?

We don’t want to advertise or spam you with bookie offers. We hate the bookies, and we hate their advertising. We hate their free bets, too.

So we guess you hate being advertised at all the time. So, in order to pay for the ratings and the hosting, we suggest a very low £1 a month – but you still get the lay of the day free, anyway.